Large-scale poster and banner-examples of the print campaign for the 100 years anniversary of Rowohlt Broschure for bookstores, showing some examples of the integrated communication campaign of Rowohlt Another Rowohlt broschure, promoting a winning contest with 100 questions – part of the anniversary campaign in 2008

Rowohlt / 100 years anniversary

Integrated Communication campaign


Development of comprehensive marketing and advertising activities on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the traditional publishing house. From outdoor advertising to print ads, winning contests and the communication with the book trade.


An attention-getting print campaign made the start in the anniversary year 2008. Striking print motifs and strong headlines referred to specific principal publications such as American literature. For instance, the advertisement “America was discovered in 1928” alluded to the inclusion of American titles in the publishing programme. Large-scale and backlit posters for a duration of 8 months transported the anniversary campaign to the consumers’ customer touch points and thus ensured a strong advertising presence. A “100 years winning contest”, where people could win 100 prizes with a total value of 100,000 euros if they answered 100 questions, as well as an anniversary book edition including anniversary decoration drew a lot of attention to the POS. All activities were summarised in brochures made for that purpose, which were then provided to the bookstores.



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