How we work

How we work

Constant Beta

After the project is before the project

Contrary to what many people think, good ideas do not come up while having a shower or the third café latte on the Elbe beach. A successful project requires disciplined work, structure and a systematic approach.

In order to achieve the best solution, it is exactly this basic principle we apply in to our work at .PEPPERZAK.. And those who think we stop thinking once the project is done, are wrong, too. Because the reflection and processing afterwards is part of the whole.

This is what we call “constant beta”.


Conceptual work is the solid foundation of every .PEPPERZAK. project. From the first meeting with our clients to project discussions and the complex idea-finding process, we work together as a team. Only when the broad lines and the core of the project have been found, we allow ourselves to take the next step. After all, we know that great success can only be achieved by great ideas.


When you offer – as .PEPPERZAK. does – communication solutions for online, print media and broadcasts you need to know your tools inside and out, control every output precisely and use the whole range of digital and classical communication efficiently. It is good to know that we can draw on extensive experience in the realisation of projects for any type of media, as well as a grown network of external specialists for any task at hand.


Is the idea smart and clearly stated? Does our message get straight to the point? These are the questions we ask our creatives again and again. And we are not satisfied before both packaging and content communicate the message efficiently, the point is made quickly and the result works well for the client.


Monitoring, performance evaluation, market research and intensive talks with our clients make sure that our work is put to the test even when the project is over. Our objective: being even a little better the next time.