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How things are adding up

The benefits of cross-media thinking and acting

When we come across a good idea, we check first how it can be developed across different media. We think it goes without saying that projects only work like they are meant to, if all communication channels are closely interlinked. That is also the reason why at .PEPPERZAK., nobody is talking about “integrated communication” any more. Because we have been thinking, working and living in an integrated way right from the start. Our specialist teams are used to considering all communicative media forms. Under one roof and on the same floor.

.PEPPERZAK. Multimedia

The specialists for digital communication

Since 1995, we have been developing innovative multimedia applications for brands and companies: internet and mobile applications, community and social media websites, newsletter marketing, customer loyalty systems as well as online campaigns. In doing so, we combine advertising concepts with media oriented design and intelligent information architecture. Our team of concept developers, front-end designers and rich-media specialists will find the best solutions for you. In all projects, our experienced consultants put their sound knowledge of web analysis, SEO/SEM, performance marketing and campaign planning to best use.


The developers and managers of editorial content

We develop editorial concepts for publishing activities, both offline and online. By combining marketing and journalistic thinking, we create content aimed at specific target groups. Our fields of business are the development, research and acquisition of visual and textual content. This includes producing individual content for company websites and magazines, hosting forums and social media activities, moderating communities, developing newsletters and mailings, writing SEO texts and long-copy, organising sweepstakes and promotions as well as maintaining and updating websites.


The experts for brands and advertising

Ranging from clear-cut positionings (brand model) to creative ideas and accurate implementation, we advise you on all issues relating to successful brand development and management – whether as an individual project, advertising campaign or strategic concept. Since 2001, we have been developing customised corporate design solutions as well as advertising in print, posters, radio and TV. And, when requested, also the most suitable media strategy for national and international markets in both B-to-B and B-to-C environments.

.PEPPERZAK. Technology

The professionals for programming and back-end

What is behind a high-performing website? What makes an application particularly efficient? Which content management system is the best for you? .PEPPERZAK. Technology has the right answers to these questions. Our range of services comprises the conception, architecture and implementation of powerful software applications. We implement and build efficient CM and editorial systems (Typo3, NPS, 100Pro), develop database models (MySQL, Oracle), individual workflow systems (LAMP) as well as Magento and XT-Commerce shop solutions. As a specialised team for the technological realisation of demanding IT solutions, we have a clear objective in mind: technological creation.