What is important to us

What is important to us

Simply the best

For more than twenty years now

In all its work, .PEPPERZAK. follows simple principles and has a clearly defined goal: best quality and nothing less. What we find particularly important?

The communication with our clients, the clarity of the ideas developed, the perfect team for each project and last but not least: our independence.

Our clients

It is our job to understand clients. Whether in a limited project or continuous all-around service – our clients’ needs and demands are always at the centre of our work. A customised solution as the final product – at .PEPPERZAK. this is not an empty phrase, but the result of putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes. In order to meet this demand, we do not spare neither hot discussions nor long working nights at the agency.

Our ideas

Only good ideas have the power to ensure extraordinary success. The reason why .PEPPERZAK. has been around that long? We keep asking ourselves whether this or that idea really fits for our client, has enough momentum and helps to make the ultimate communication solution work in practice. This also means that, in some cases, we prefer starting all over again instead of advertising our first idea so hard that we can finally sell it.

Our team

Lone fighters do not stand a chance at .PEPPERZAK.. But experienced team players do, who are working together on the solutions for communicative tasks. All our experts are pulling in one direction – from art director and strategist to copywriter, account executive, programmer, consultant and managing director. Although there may be differing views and debate sometimes, we are all united by our common objective to find the best idea across all disciplines. The result: surprising concepts, excellent design and effective solutions for our clients.

Our independence

We were there, when the internet learned to walk in 1995. We were there, when all New Economy hopes were ruined by the stock market frenzy in 2000. We also survivedthe Lehmann collapse and are still here today. How that is possible? Because .PEPPERZAK. continues to be owner-managed, also in its sixteenth year of existence, and only invests money that it has actually earned before. Like the “pepper sacks – the traders of the old “Hanse” – we grow from our own resources. Solidly, independently, and with both feet on the ground.